Colours of freedom


Everybody has his or her own interpretation of freedom and they also have individual ways of expressing their views on freedom. To celebrate this very variety of the definition of freedom a special exhibition of paintings called ‘Art Freedom’ was organised by Infinity Group at the Nepal Association of Fine Art (NAFA) on May 4. Ambassador of Bangladesh to Nepal, Imtiaz Ahmed inaugurated the exhibition.

While speaking at the inauguration Ambassador Ahmed said, “These colourful creations are the indication of these artists’ desire on how new Nepal should be.”

All the paintings showcased in the exhibition were done during four workshops of the same title organised by the group. The workshops were conducted at Kasthamandap in Basantapur Durbar Square, Bag Bhairav temple in Kirtipur, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. More than a dozen of artists including senior artists like Kiran Manandhar, Santa Kumar Rai, Ramesh Khanal had participated in the workshops. A French artist Christian Salzgeber also participated.

Dominated by acrylic medium on canvas most of the creations were abstract. Splashes of colours were used to express the vision of freedom and cultural heritage of Kathmandu. From dark hues like black and blues to pastel shades and bright colours all the artists have used colours extravagantly.

Since all the workshops were conducted at places with historical monuments the subject of most of the paintings revolved around those rich in heritage buildings and lifestyle of people around that landscape.

Senior artist Kiran Manadhar talked about his experience at the workshops, “While the artists were able to grab the whole ambience of those places the curious local people were able to learn something about art and freedom”.

The exhibition is on till May 6.