Competition is everywhere. There is competition between students, between political parties, between countries, between businessmen, between market products and of course in sports. Competition is very important as it encourages people to develop better in their work. Competition brings about a feeling to win. There is competition between students to come first in class, there is competition between market products since they want to sell more, and there is competition between sportspersons to win the game. As a result they are successful in their work. There are top market products like Wai Wai and Mayos. There are top sports personalities like Sachin Tendulkar and David Beckham. It is not right to cheat and win. The right way to win a competition is by doing hard work and doing it sincerely. It is not that you have to always win.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we loose. We are not God to be on top all the time. We sometimes go down. We don’t always have success. What is success? It is said that it is doing your work in the best way you can, it is about dreaming a little and doing much, it is about going on despite defeat. Only a few can be champions but all can be cheerful, few become heroes but all can be brave. Even if we lose, we should not be sad but try again next time. Competition is all about these things.

Aagya Shrestha, St Mary’s School, Lalitpur