Confront bullies

You have mustered the courage to say something to the office bully. You think, “I have finally stood up to the office bully”. But be prepared for there will most likely be a comeback from most office bullies when they are confronted.

Remember whom you are dealing with.

You have said something...There is a comeback...

Now it is your turn!

And you can use this short simple approach with all office bullies:

Here are three short simple comebacks to help you deal with bullying in the workplace.

• Office bullies who talk on and on, pressuring you to agree with them. You feel you have to say something, but you do not want to give your power away by showing you agree. Say “Interesting” or “Oh.” This does not commit you!

• Office bullies who are rude with sarcasm, put-downs or backhanded statements that are not necessarily direct, but harmfully subtle. You want to address it, so you say, “That seems direct” or “That seems harsh” or “That seems like a put-down to me.”

The concept of using, “That seems” highlights your perception only, and it is enough of a diffusing comment to confuse the power plan of most office bullies.

• Sometimes we feel we have to have a comeback in order to be powerful. Be silent and just stare back with confidence. This is the position that says, “That comeback does not even deserve an acknowledgment.”