Connelly prefers slim spouse

LONDON: Jennifer Connelly hates it when husband Paul Bettany beefs up for films.

The 38-year-old actress - who raises two children with Paul - can't stand it when he sports large muscles as he reminds her of the guys she avoided when she was a student.

He is quoted as saying: "She hates it when I get fit. It's because she says, 'You look like everybody I refused to go out with in college.' So she's never impressed by that sort of thing."

Paul, 38, has previously admitted he doesn't enjoy working out, claiming it stops him thinking about anything interesting because all he can do is focus on the pain.

The 'Da Vinci Code' actor explained: "It's impossible to have a creative thought when you've got something really heavy about to fall on your head. I can stand and wash up and an interesting thought can occur to me. Not once have I had an interesting thought while working out.

"And people lie. They say, 'Oh, you get this sort of endorphin high.' Or, 'When I'm running, I get into this sort of trance-like state.' It's nonsense. It's just painful."