Courtney Love Blasts Lily

LOS ANGELES: Courtney Love has blasted Lily Allen for stopping her from being able to wear a Chanel dress to the BRIT Awards.

Courtney Love thinks Lily Allen is "lame" for not letting her wear a Chanel dress.

The Hole singer was left unimpressed recently when the 'Not Fair' pop star made a deal with the luxury fashion house which stopped Courtney from wearing a couture gown to the BRIT Awards earlier this week.

She said: "I wanted a Chanel couture dress but Lily Allen blocked them out. And that's lame, because I remember J-Lo had a lock out on Valentino one year but she shared with me."

Fashion has always been important to the 45-year-old rock chick - who addressed Oxford University student union recently.

Courtney spent her time at the prestigious college laughing at how "sl***y" the female academics were, while the males looked like fictional wizard Harry Potter.

She quipped to Absolute Radio: "It was so fun. I had so much fun there. You wouldn't believe it. There were people who looked like Harry Potter. And they seriously took the whole rowing thing to a new level. Some girls were dressed in Laura Ashley. I was into it. It was really exciting, I was really thrilled."