Courtney Love too poor for shoes

LOS ANGELES: Hole singer Courtney Love - the window of late Nirvana star Kurt Cobain - claims she was defrauded out of so much money she was left unable to buy shoes for herself or her daughter Frances Bean.

Courtney Love claims she was too poor to buy shoes.

The Hole singer says her new song 'Never Go Hungry' was written about her time of hardship when she and Frances Bean, her 17-year-old daughter with late husband Kurt Cobain, couldn't even afford to clothe themselves and couldn't get help from anyone.

Courtney - who has repeatedly claimed to have been defrauded of her wealth by various people - said: "I wrote 'Never Go Hungry' all by my lonesome, in rehab, sitting there f***ing in Orange County with a s**t guitar and no pick. It's about my daughter. And it's about how we were; they were just awful to us. We were just so broke.

"I vowed that we would never go hungry again, because we went hungry. I didn't have any f***ing shoes! I had a pair of Converse that they gave me. That's what I had. Frances didn't have any shoes. We had one pair of shoes."

The 45-year-old star claims she has lost her money because she has been "exploited" by so many people.

She added to Clash magazine: "Why did I have no money? The simple answer to that is because I'm a widow and because I'm a woman.

"I get exploited. Not when I'm playing music. But financially, very much so."