Cricket and exams

What can a cricketer playing a match and a student answering an exam have in common? You’ll be surprised to know.

• PAKISTAN VS INDIA: Teacher vs Student

• STADIUM: Examination hall

• BATSMAN: Student

• BOWLER: Teacher

• UMPIRE: Supervisor

• THIRD UMPIRE: The principal


• GOOGLY: Completely misinterpreted question

• BODY LINE: Compulsory question

• SPIN ATTACK: Tricky question

• YORKER: Extremely difficult question

• WIDE BALL: Out of syllabus

• NO BALL: Misprinting

• CLEAN BOWLED: Could not answer any question

• CATCH OUT: Caught while cheating

• FULL TOSS: Very easy question

• RUN OUT: Incomplete paper

• FOLLOW ON: Re-exam

• FOUL PLAY:   Copying

Isn’t it interesting?

— Vishakha Agrawal, Class VIII, DAV