Cross-cultural exchange


A weeklong exhibition of paintings, created during a three-day workshop at Gurukul, by artists of Nepal and Bangladesh, began at Nepal Art Council, Baber Mahal on July 29. M Humayun Kabir, the ambassador of Bangladesh to Nepal, inaugurated the exhibition. During the inaugural function, Kabir said, “Creative enterprise like this would allow the artists not only to express their talents through their work but also help deepen the understanding about the values, creativity and dynamism of each society and country.” Speaking on the occasion chairperson of the programme Abhi Subedi said, “The participation of young and promising artists from both the countries is amazing and their spirit and energy would definitely open new areas of exploring inner potentialities and domains.”

The exhibition offered an excellent opportunity to enjoy the creative work of artists of both the countries. There was a variety of work on display: acrylic, mixed media, acrylic and pen, water colour and installations. “Both Nepal and Bangladesh are equally rich in art and culture and possess their own identity, tradition and authenticity. An occasion like this would help young artists from both the countries to interact with each other,” said Kiran Manandhar senior artist and painter. Paintings done by Bangladeshi artists portrayed their impressions of Nepal, their own country or the call for peace. The sensibilities of most Nepali artists seem to be touched by the message of peace that is the need of the day. Playing of Bangladeshi musical instruments and singing went on together with the exhibition, creating a beautiful and unique ambience for the visitors.