It was again another jam-packed evening at Upstairs Jazz Bar on November 10.

And what pulled the crowd was obviously not merely the regular band ‘Cadenza’, but the international bands for ‘Jazzmandu 2005’ who joined to turn it into an unforgettable evening.

The event that was planned with hush, however, could not keep off the desperately excited jazz fans in the Capital. As the night seeped in, the crowd were in numbers impossible for the bar to accommodate.

Yet despite the congestion, with people clogging from down the stairways to the bar station, people weren’t relenting to let the night just pass by.

As all the other Jazzmandu gigs, this was also one night where each group was as good as the last one and the audience was treated to some awesome music.

Jazz for November 12

Peace Parade

Time: 1:00-2:00 pm

Venue: Lazimpat

(A carnival atmosphere down the streets of Lazimpat with vintage bikes, cars, jazz musicians, Maruni, Lakhe and folk dancers, marriage bands, all spreading the message of ‘Music for Peace’)

All-Star Fever

Time: 7:30pm onwards

Venue: Summit Hotel

Ticket Price: Rs 699

(The festival finale! Musicians from different bands play together to create high-energy atmosphere. A compilation of grooved and pumped up music to dance the night away.)