Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal 2005: Happy to be clever


She assertively describes herself as beautiful and intelligent. Apart from having that ravishing attractiveness most women find essential, she has wits to flummox many wise souls. She has a passion for academic learning. And whenever she can scrounge out a little bit of time, she loves to immerse herself in deep and thoughtful study. She feels it great to be a part of team contesting for Miss Nepal 2005 and is appreciative for being able to learn so many things, which would have been unthinkable otherwise. But it’s not only beauty and intelligence, but also her nerve-racking confidence that makes her stands out in a crowd. Though she aims to become a computer engineer she’s equally passionate about getting her hands on the celeb business. In fact, she’s already clinched the title of Miss Teen at a state level competition in Kolkata. Meet Mohini Rana, who’s waiting for the most remarkable thing in her life to happen to her in the form of the title of Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal 2005.

Name: Mohini Rana

Place of birth: Syangja, Nepal

Date of Birth: November 16

Ambition in life: I want to be a celebrity with high academic learning

I like: Studying mostly

I hate: Filthy places

Present occupation: Student/ teacher at a Montessori school

Hobbies: Cooking/listening to music/ Surfing the Net

Favourite Place: My own sweet home

Idols/heroes: Sushmita Sen/ Aishwarya Rai

Inspiration for becoming a model: Friends and relatives

Favourite outfit: anything that fits and makes me feel comfortable

Favourite brand/ colour of lipstick: Elle 18/ bright colours

Favourite cosmetic brand: Ayur herbal

Favourite perfume: Elle 18

My dream husband would be: someone with a good personality and intelligence