She’s a born-intellectual. Besides, hard work, commitment is yet another trait that’s likely to take her to unparalleled heights. She’s honest and without reserve declares that it’s her lifetime achievement to be able to participate in the pageant. It takes courage to stand amidst the bevy of evenly talented competitors. The pageant has helped her discover her talents. Yet another scholar, who received a scholarship to study diploma in engineering, hers is the face hard to forget.

Name: Sonia Giri

Place of birth: Lahan, Siraha

Date of Birth: 6 July 1985

Ambition in life: To excel in engineering profession

I like: Watching television, especially music videos

I hate: Backbiters

Present occupation: Student

Hobbies: Sketching

and reading fashion magazines

Favourite Place: Biratnagar

Idols/heroes: None

Inspiration for becoming a model: My uncle and aunt in USA

Favourite outfit: Jeans/ T-shirt

Favourite brand/ colour of lipstick: I don’t use

Favourite facial: None

Favourite perfume: Hugo

Character I’d like to see in a husband: Highly educated, honest and wealthy.