Daily soaps and our life

Did you see Dil mil gaye yesterday?” a friend asked me. I said “No. I missed it,

what about you?” “Even I missed it as I had to study for a stupid test,” my friend replied. Then I suddenly realised that, the soap was much important to her than her test.

Daily soaps have become a part of our lives. We get so much indulged in it that we forget it is just fictional stories acted by a group of actors. We unreasonably get tensed over the happenings of the serials.

Once my grandmother complained that whenever she would close her eyes for meditation she would see Komolika. It is to this extent that the daily soaps have interfered in our lives. We start expecting our lives to be like that on the serials. We start dreaming of being the girls of a middle class family and marrying a boy from a rich family and handling all the responsibilities perfectly and winning all the praises. But in reality, we all know that all these happen only in those K-serials.

We even have our crushes on the characters of those soaps. Recently girls were going crazy over Rajat Tokas -the guy playing the role of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. To tell you the truth even I had a crush on him. But then I realised that Rajat Tokas might not be like Prithvi Raj Chauhan as it is just a character he is portraying. He can even be a spoilt brat and I got over my crush.

Moreover what surprises me is that we go crazy over Hindi serials. I have never heard people talking about our Nepali soaps except a few good ones. Is it because, it lacks the mirch masala?

People often say that those soaps are ridiculous as you can’t marry three or four times and no one comes back alive after their death. But let me tell you that these are the people who sit in front of the idiot box and cry when Prerna gets separated from Anurag. It’s good to have entertainment but only to a limit otherwise it would take a lot to come out of that world of TV serials.

— Apurwa Prasad, Class X,

St Mary’s School