Dancing to your heart's content at dance fest

KATHMANDU: With non-stop music, light, dance and beverages to complement the music, Dance-mandu Music Festival was back with its second edition on May 6 at Grand Norling Resort in Gokarna.

Artistes from mostly India and Nepal along with Australia and Britain showcased their electronic music back to back on the first day of the two-day event.

"World takes electronic music as a mainstream music. We should also develop electronic music in Nepal, for which we are celebrating this festival," said organiser and one of the performing artistes Nishan Manandhar of the fest adding, "Such events happen in big scale in India. In Nepal, we are just starting and celebrating this music."

NJ, N3ptek, Finzok, Vibe, SHFT, Praveen Acharya and Kohra among others rocked the party and got people on the dance floor. The artistes got everyone dance to their music with their different kinds of electronic music.

Talking about the festival, PRI (Pritam Shrestha), who is into the electronic music since last 17 years, mentioned, "Girls and boys know and recognise electronic music. They come and demand the kinds of electronic music they want  — techno, house and other different genres of this music. Also in the previous edition of the festival, held in 2014, they came forward and demanded the kinds of music they wanted to listen to."

PRI plays and produces pop, hip pop, techno and tech house music. And it is his second time at the Dance-mandu Music Festival, and this year he is expecting "double crowd" as compared to the previous edition of the festival.

Meanwhile, Vibe wants people to know about Nepal’s electronic music through festival like this. "I want to show others (foreigners) that we Nepali are no less than others in this music," he shares.

Dance-mandu Music Festival will continue till May 7. It will feature Anil (funky), Prabin (1905), Cultivation and Himalions, Nina and Malika, among others.

The Himalayan Times is the exclusive media partner of the event.