Dashain with celebrities


Over a decade of blood bath might have left some families scarred forever. But as the warring parties have declared a ceasefire, the country has finally heaved a sigh of relief. And not only does peace, though fragile, comes as a respite to all our countrymen, our celebrities seem to be even more ecstatic about the prospect that the festivities this time could be free from the fear of another bloody fracas. As the festive fever grips the nation, our celebrities in either were caught busy shopping for their beloveds or riding on a brand new high.

For Lux Supermodel 2006 Sonu Poudel, this Dashian would probably remain the most memorable of all Dashains.

Reason: All her relatives are raving about her formidable feat. And not only are they proud

of her achievements, they’ve found a brand new reason to celebrate this festival in a special way.

“It’s a time for kith and kin to get together, settle all our differences and eat lots of masu (meat),” exults this newly crowned supermodel.

But it’s more than just binging on masu that’s on her cards. And though this lady is totally against playing cards during Dashain, she however, isn’t opposed to the custom of accepting dakshina that she intends to spend for a big bash.

“I’m planning to give all my friends a treat at one of the town’s trendiest spot,” she says.

Varat Sitaula of the Maya launata fame intends to keep the fetstive celebrations rather low key. The singer wants to wait until the songs from his latest album Ma ani timi, recently released appears at the top of the charts.

“Dashain two years ago was perhaps my most memorable one,” says the singer, who still seems struck with the hangover of the stint that had shot him to fame. “Dashain is still about celebration. It’s an exalted feeling when everyone gives you a celeb-treatment. However, as the festival comes once in a year, one should not miss the opportunity to express one’s feeling for the family and friends. That’s what Dashian is all about.”

Moreover, Sitaula also has a message for his fans. “I advice all my fans to abstain from drinking alcohol, gambling and slaughtering animals. And of course, as Nepalis have a tendency to carry their whims to obsession, I suggest Nepalis to remember the hard times we’ve had during these years of insurgency.”

“Dashain has been a part of our culture since centuries. It’s a reason for families to get together and to re-strengthen the bond that exists between brethren. However, the worst part of the festival is the way thousands of animals are slaughtered in the name of religion,” philosophises Sugam Pokharel, who Pokharel believes that the festival has a different meaning for children, but as one grows up the meaning changes.

He has a little surprise for his wife. “I’ve bought my wife a suruwal-kurta as a gift,” he says.

Now doesn’t sound like someone who really loves his wife?

“When I was a kid the festival had a different excitement. It used to be a festival of gifts, dresses and sweets. However, as one grows up, one understands that it’s those sacred of festivals that give broken relationships a second chance. It’s a beautiful season of festivities when everything seems beautiful,” says Om Bikram Bista, the king of Nepali Pop.

Since it’s a season of exchanging greetings and gifts, Bista explained that he had bought jewelleries and sarees for his wife before she expired only about a year ago.

“I’d participate and sing and dance for those who celebrate,” says Bista, who has now shifted to his parental house where his parents used to join him when he sang and danced during Dashain.

Wishing all our readers a very Happy Dashain!