Cute roomie’

I loved a girl from the beginning of our college days. I proposed to her and she first refused but said we could be friends. Recently she said my roommate was cute. This has troubled me a lot though she has said what she feels isn’t ‘that’. My studies has suffered as a result. Do I need to prove my love? — Prasun

Dear Prasun

Grow up! God gave us eyes to see and if this girl finds your roommate cute, learn to accept it and to be less obsessive. Though it may be tough for you to accept you are not the centre of the universe in this girl’s life, you should be happy she has gone so far as to let you know she is not interested in your roommate in ‘that way’. So, if her heart is not involved, why are you getting panic attacks? I don’t think this girl is going to gouge your eyes out if you tell her you find her roommate attractive. Learn to let go. Focus on your studies. Your education will get you places and not an unwilling damsel.

Distant lovers

I am a 16-year-old girl in love with a guy. Our problem is that I live in Kathmandu, while he lives in Bhaktapur. The first day when he come to meet me, he had run away from home which I didn’t known till police came to take him home. His mother had called the police. His mother and my father had a talk and have forbidden us to see each other. I obeyed them but he didn’t. I tried to tell him to listen to them but he only insists he can’t live without me. How do I handle this? — Problem Gal

Dear Problem Gal,

If you are not addicted to a problematic relationship, let go of this boy moocho quick. This boy seems to come with a lot of trouble and at age 16 you should not be psychologically pressured by his delinquent behaviour and protestations of love. Listen to your parents, they know what is best for you.


I am a college student in love with a girl. My parents want me to pursue studies in the US while she wants me to continue it here. What do I do? — Rejig

Dear Rejig,

You need to go ahead and do what you have to do. With education comes your future. As a Nepali you are well aware of the state of the country and universities here. You are lucky to have parents who want you to to pursue your studies in US. If this girl really loves you, she will let you go. Love has no boundaries and can definitely survive the test of time and distance.