Depicting Korea through movies


The Korean Film Festival was inaugurated by Nam Sang-Jung, ambassador of Republic of Korea at Russian Cultural Centre on November 12. The film festival will be showcasing movies, which depicts culture and lifestyle of Korea.

While speaking at the event Ambassador Nam Sang-Jung said, “Cinema is the most

effective way to express, and through this festival we are presenting the values, lifestyle sentiments and thoughts of our nation.” He further mentioned his happiness for being able to introduce the festival. All the four movies being screened are well loved and super hit films of the country. During the event movie Joint security area was also screened.

The five-day film festival at the Russian Cultural Centre is being organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. Entry to the screening is free.

Joint Security Area

When two North Korean soldiers are supposedly killed by one South Korean soldier in the

demilitarised zone, (popularly known as DMZ)

demarcating South Korea and North Korea, the

following investigations reveal that there is more

to it than one can see. The 11 bullets found in the bodies, along with the 5 bullets in the assassin’s magazine clip, totals to 16 bullets. But a normal gun holds only 15 bullets!

The investigating teams from neutral countries controlling the DMZ suspect the involvement of an unknown party and a cover up. But the truth is much more austere and tragic.

Show timing: 11:00 am

Il Mare

Sung-Hyon moves to Il Mare and receives a strange letter, which is two years ahead of time (1999). Even more startling is the fact that the contents in the letter come true. Un-ju finds that her letter is sent in December 1998 and she sends many letters. She asks Sung Hyon to go to a particular place to find a cassette tape recorder. When he goes there, they finally meet. Un-ju has not been communicating with her boyfriend for long, and that is when Sung-Hyon reveals a secret to her.

Show timing: 2:00pm