Dhaba delights


What would be better on a summer evening than sitting outside with the cool evening breeze blowing through your hair and sipping some meetha lassi at a typical north Indian dhaba, and choosing from a menu that is so long that you are almost tempted to try everything on it? You can do all this and more for from May 15 as Hotel Radisson is going welcome guests to its ‘Bunti aur Babli da Dhaba’.

The dhaba is complete with the thatched roof huts, charpouys, a well, handpump, an ‘Angrezi Sharab ka Theka’, a paanwallah, a chaiwallah who sells A1 chai, and the Chotu puncturewallah who will fix the punctures.

Says Chef Reddy, who has come up with the idea, “As the city folks have not had fun for quite a long time, we thought this would be the apt time to give them an opportunity to enjoy themselves.”

He invites his guests to imagine they are at a dhaba on the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway at Mungling. And to make it real, zebra crossings, speed-breakers, milestones, have also been placed strategically. Like a typical Punjabi dhaba this one will too will flaunt posters of movie stars.

The menu is long like typical dhaba menus and offers everything a dhaba offers and more. The dessert on offer are doodh jalebi, chuski among others. And what would a dhaba be without tandoor. So two tandoors have been set up to dish up your tandoori favourites.

And some gol gappas with a difference. “There will be the usual paani pooris, but then for the adventurous few, we have gol gappas with vodka (Gol gappa desi sharaab de vich),” says the Chef adding for Rs 250-270 one can have a very decent meal.

A dhaba and no music? That can’t be, no? Chef Reddy has taken care of that too. Local musicians and singers dressed in Punjabi garb will be singing and dancing to bhangra beats, a DJ and a dancefloor for those wanting to try out some bhangra steps.

For the ladies, there will also be a choodiwallah and mehendiwallah. So, be changa and be at the Radisson parking lot from May 15 (6 pm onwards) and get ready to go balle-balle. A surprise awaits the guests at the dhaba’s washroom.