Dharahara, Kasthamandap, Nyatapol, Krishna mandir...

If I were asked to name three man made wonders of Nepal, I would choose the following —

Nyatapola in Bhaktapur built by king Bhupatindra Malla. I regard this as one of the wonders of Nepal because this temple, which is five-storey high is rich in art and culture and was not damaged even during the earthquake of 1990 BS. The second would be the famous Dharahara, which is located in the middle of Kathmandu city and was made by prime minister Bhimsen Thapa in 1878 BS. Previously built in the form of a round pillar, it was 11 storeys high and is really wonderful and amazing. It has now been reconstructed with nine storeys after the earthquake of 1990 BS. The final one would be Krishna Mandir, which is a famous Hindu temple located in Patan. It was made by King Siddinarsingh Malla. This temple is made of stone and has a lot of ancient art and architecture which is not found in the other cities of Nepal.

— Shovan Bajracharya

I would pick Mayadevi temple, Gorkha palace and Pashupatinath temple because the first one represents peace, the second represents bravery and the last one represents the rich culture of Nepalis people. In my view a perfect combination of peace, bravery and culture would best represent Nepal and Nepalis in the whole world.

— Sajan Pyakurel

In my view Pashupati, Lumbini and Manakamana should be the three man-made wonders of Nepal. Pashupati is a religious place and is very popular. Lumbini because it is very beautiful and Gautam Buddha was born there. Manakamana because it is a religious place and it is beautiful and people strongly believe in it.

— Ashmita Rungta, Kuleshwor

If I were to choose three man-made wonders, it would be Pashupatinath because it was made with only one rock, Kashtamandap because it was made with timber of a single tree, and the 55-window palace because it is the only palace or building in Nepal which has 55 windows. All these have their own beauty and that’s why I think these three monuments should be the three wonders of Nepal.

— Ashmita Bhandari

If I were asked to choose three man-made wonders of Nepal, I would choose Dharahara because it is really unique. It is nearly nine floors tall. Mahabouddha in Patan because many people come to pray at that temple. There is a carving of Lord Buddha in every brick of that temple. Kasthamandap in Kathmandu because it is made from one single tree and it also gave Kathmandu its name.

— Sukirti Manandhar

I would first pick Swoyambhunath because it is one of the most glorious Buddhist stupas with the eyes of Lord Buddha painted on the four sides. The second one would be Janaki Mandir, which is the second biggest temple and it is also architecturally unique. It is the only one temple in Nepal which is made in Moghul style. And finally I would choose Dharahara as it is the highest spherical building in Nepal.

— Tej Raj Gurmachhan, Gwarko

The three man made wonders I would like to pick are Hiranya Mahabihar, the Buddhist temple located at Kwalkhu Lalitpur; Kasthamandap, a temple of Shiva, and the Kumbheshwor temple in Patan. Their architecture is very fine and extremely beautiful, the skill of the artisans is really praise worthy. The carvings on wood and paintings on the walls are so nice that anyone who goes to visit the temple will be overwhelmed by the beauty of it. Their attraction these places hold will tempt visitors to go there time and again.

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha, Kupondole

I would choose Mahaboudha temple, Krishna Mandir and Nyatapola as the three wonders of Nepal. I choose Mahaboudha temple because this temple made of terracotta has more than a thousand Buddhas in it. Krishna Mandir because of its magnificence and Nyatapola as it is a unique temple which has ancient architecture which is very unique.

— Bibesh Shrestha

Three wonders of Nepal that I would pick are Golden temple, 55-window palace and Lumbini. These three are totally different from each other. The main feature of Golden temple is that it is totally made up of gold and there is a belief that the god present in that temple is the wealthiest god of all. Bhaktapur Durbar has 55 windows and it is full of historical items. The main thing about Lumbini is that it is the birth place of Lord Buddha.

— Junima Tamrakar

I would choose Janaki Mandir, Pashupatinath Temple, and Lumbini Temple as these reflect our culture and tradition.

— Abhinay Jayaswal

Among the numerous man-made wonders of Nepal, I would pick bungee jump bridge, Taal Barahi temple, Phewa lake, and the East-West highway. I have chosen these for their unique nature and structure. Though there are lots of bridges over the rivers of Nepal, the bridge at The Last Resort is the only one which is used for commercial purpose. This bridge is unique in the entire South Asian region. Among the thousands of temples in Nepal, Taal Barahi is unique as it is the only temple which is situated in the centre of a lake. The East-West highway is the longest highway of Nepal.

— Kumar Chhantyal, Pokhara

Despite Nepal lagging in science and technology, there are still a few things that have its own beauty and can be included as the three wonders of Nepal. My first choice would be Janakpur’s Janaki temple along with the Bibahmandap. This temple is massive in its built and so well designed that you can’t stop admiring its beauty. Meanwhile, the Bibahmandap is a lively portrayal of Goddess Sita’s wedding, with idols which look very real. My second choice would be the Karnali bridge. It is the first bridge of its type in Nepal and the technology used has made it very beautiful and unique. My third choice would be the Narayanhiti Palace. It looks like a paradise from outside. I hope to visit it now that it has become a national property.

— Nishant Shandilya, Baluwatar

If I have to choose the three wonders of Nepal I will choose Krishna Mandir, Dharahara and Ghantaghar. Krishna Mandir because it was made by late king Siddhi Narsingh Malla and is a very holy place. It holds a lot of beauty. Dharahara because it is the tallest monument of nine floors. The third one would be Ghantaghar because it is the oldest clock in Nepal.

— Sudin Shrestha

I would choose Mahaboudha temple in Patan, Dharahara and Swayambhu. Mahaboudha because it is a historical temple and it consists of thousands of Buddha statue, Dharahara as it is the tallest building in Nepal, and Swayambhu as it is a very peaceful place and it is also a very popular holy place.

— Rakshak Bajracharya      

The three wonders of Nepal that I would choose are Dharahara, Krishna Mandir and Kasthmandap. I choose Dharahara because it is tallest building in Nepal, Krishna Mandir because it is believed it is made of only one stone. It has historical and cultural importance. Kasthamandap because it believed that it is made from the wood of only one tree.

— Milinda Shakya

I think it should be Krishna Mandir, Dharahara and Nyatapola Mandir. Krishna Mandir is believed that it is made out of only one stone. Secondly, Dharahara as it still surprises people by its towering height even though it was built long ago during the time of Bhimsen Thapa. Lastly, the tallest temple in the country, Nyatapola, which just leaves people awe-struck. It is very, very beautiful in architecture and is gigantic.

— Dhrub Maharjan

I think the three man-made wonders of Nepal are Krishna Mandir, Changu Narayan and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Krishna Mandir, built by King Siddhinarsingh Malla, is very famous for its beautiful architecture. It is said that this Shikhara-style temple was built out of a single large stone. Changu Narayan, built way back in the second century by King Man Deva, is a very beautiful temple made in pagoda style with great woodcarvings. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, which comprises many temples, some which boast of a number of idols of gods and goddesses. There is a museum there too, and the place is also recognised as a world heritage site.

— Keepa Shrestha

If I have to name three wonders of Nepal, the first one would be Dharahara at Sundhara as it stands tall like a peak of the Kathmandu city, a unique creation that has history and pride. The second would be Buddhanilkantha temple because it holds a mythological story about the royal members. And lastly it would be Sahid Gate, Newroad as it is dedicated to great martyrs.

— Gunjan Singhania  

I will pick up Boudha Stupa and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Boudha Stupa has great importance in Nepal and many devotees of different religious background visit the place and worship it.The colossal monument is also one of the biggest stupas in the world. Bhaktapur Durbar Square gives an example of our culture and heritage, and our ancient art and craft. It is very beautiful and also has the famous 55-window palace along with innumerable temples housing important deities. Structures like the Lion Gate, the statue of king Bhupatindra Malla, the Batsala temple and the bell facing the Royal Palace are found here.

— Rahul Mani

Bajracharya, Lazimpat

The three wonders of Nepal that I would pick are Krishna Mandir, Gorkha Palace and Changu Narayan Temple. These beautiful heritage sites of Nepal deserve to be on the list of Seven Wonders of the World. Their marvellous grandeur has amazed the visitors for centuries. Krishna Mandir situated in Patan showcases Nepali art and architecture and has religious significance. The amazing palace of late king Prithvi Narayan Shah at Gorkha is a testimony of our glorious past. Changu Narayan temple has been glorifying our culture and traditions for centuries.

— Subash Silwal

Firstly I would like to pick Swayambhu as it is one of the oldest temples. My second choice would be Pashupatinath because it is a world famous temple where thousands of pilgrims come. And at last I would pick Dharahara from where one can see the whole of Kathmandu.

— Sajan Khadka

I will choose Dharahara because it is one of the most remarkable monuments of Nepal. Ghantaghar will be my second choice because it gives correct time. Pashupatinath would be my third choice because it is one of the most popular holy temples for Hindus all over the world.

— Swornima Shakya, Gwarko

The three man-made wonders of Nepal must be Dharahara, Rani Pokhari and Changu Narayan temple. Dharahara because it is one of the oldest buildings in Nepal. Rani Pokhari as there is a beautiful temple in the middle of a pond. Changu Narayan because it has the oldest inscription about king Mandev.

— Kushal Shrestha

I think Swayambhunath Stupa, Lumbini’s Pillar made by king Ashoka and Pashupatinath temple should be the Nepal’s three man-made wonders because these historical places are most famous among the foreigners. These places are known all over the world.

— Lizen Shakya

Three man-made wonders of Nepal must definitely include Changu Narayan temple, Nyatapola temple and Boudhanath stupa. Changu Narayan because it at the top of a hill. It is amazing to think how people then carried the necessary materials to such a height. Nyatapola because its an unmatched example of engineering of that time. Boudhanath stupa because its so big and beautiful.

— Brite Suwal

If I were to name the three wonders of Nepal then I would pick Pashupatinath, Swayambhu and Changu Narayan because they are monuments which symbolise different religions of Nepal. And they have their own importance as well.

— Bishal Bohora

I would like to pick Kasthamandap, the wooden pavilion built from a single Sal tree during the Licchhavi period .The next one is Krishna Mandir of Patan built of stone in the Shikhara style. It is the temple built by King Siddhi Narsingh Malla in the sixteenth century. The minute details of the designs clearly show the high level that the art of stone carving had attained in the sixteenth century of Nepal. And the third one would be Nyatapola, five-storied temple at Bhaktapur. It was built by Bhupatendra Malla in 1702 AD and is one of the tallest pagoda temples in Kathmandu Valley famous for its massive structure and subtle workmanship.

— Kripa Karki

If I were asked to name three man-made wonders of Nepal, I would choose Swayambhunath, Bajra Barahi temple and Krishna Mandir. I would choose Swayambhunath because it has a splendid view in the dusk as city light flickers one by one and even better when the full moon rises in the sky. I would include Bajra Barahi temple because it is so beautiful and is also located at a place that is good for hiking. I will choose Krishna Mandir as this beautiful monument is supposed to be the first shikhara style architecture in Nepal.

— Ava Pradhan

My choices are the palace at Lumbini where Buddha was born, the temple of Lord Pashupatinath and the Cable Car to Manakamana. I chose Lumbini because it is a place of prime importance that fetches thousands of tourists to Nepal and testifies for the ‘peace’ that we were known for once upon a time. I picked Pashupatinath temple for its sheer magnificence, the aura surrounding the holy place and for the fact that it is one of the holiest places to be for Hindus all over the world. The ropeway to Manakamana because it is one of a kind in an impoverished nation like ours. It has been useful to people and has made a deity like the Manakamana very accessible for worship.

— Salil Pradhan, Nakhipot

I would choose Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath and Ranipokhari as the three wonders of Nepal. Swayambhu is a wonderful stupa that reminds us of Budhha and peace, which is most important in today’s scenario. Many Nepali people have lost their brothers, and sisters during the insurgency. So, Ranipokhari, which is open on the day of Bhai tika brings together those people who don’t have their brothers and sisters. And finally Pashupatinath as it is a holy temple on the banks of river Bagmati and the banks are also used to cremate the dead bodies.

— Suvekchhya