Doctor took pill boxes from Jackson;s hotel

LONDON:A British doctor who turned a job offer from MICHAEL JACKSON down has handed over drug boxes she found in the King of Pop's hotel bathroom in London to Los Angeles police.

The pop star tried to hire Dr. Susan Etok as his personal physician just before announcing his comeback shows in London earlier this year (09) - but she insists his need for questionable drugs like Diprivan forced her to turn down the offer.

During a top secret meeting with the "frail" King of Pop at the Lanesborough Hotel in London, Dr. Etok was so worried about Jackson's wellbeing she visited his bathroom and collected empty prescription boxes of all the medications he was taking.

She tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight that Jackson looked "pasted together" and she feared he had "given up" - and was now relying on drug cocktails to keep him alive.

After Jackson's death on 25 June (09), reportedly caused by an overdose of an anaesthetic drug like Diprivan, Dr. Etok flew to Los Angeles and handed over her findings to police.

Etok says, "I've given them to the LAPD. They (pill boxes) are in police possession at the moment.

"There's one drug called sertraline... and then there was another drug which I think they worked out to be (anti-depressant) Paxil."

And the doctor, who is also helping police build a list of international medics who may have been aiding Jackson's drug use problem, reveals the pop star's hotel suite bathroom looked like a pharmacy, with "stacks of different medicines," syringes and surgical masks and gloves.

She adds, "It was just crazy... I thought, 'What is he doing with all of this?' So I took some of these medications and I took them home and I looked them up... and I thought, 'Nah, this is not right.'"