Doing away with all nighters

Some college students think that an all nighter is something they can’t avoid. All nighters can leave you stressed out and exhausted. If you want to avoid an all nighter, follow these ten tips.

1. Complete an assignment the day it is given. This tip will help you avoid an all nighter by simply getting the assignment done well ahead of time.

2. Study two hours each night. Studying each day of the week will allow you to finish assignments on time. If you study everyday you’ll avoid an all nighter by being able to finish even large assignments on time.

3. Don’t Procrastinate. I know it’s easier said than done. Procrastination forces you to pull an all nighter. If you keep putting off assignments they will build up to the point that you must spend several hours working on them. An all nighter will be needed to finish all of the assignments you have put off. Don’t get behind!

4. Do your assignments first. I know you may want to hang out with your friends as soon as you get out of class, but by doing your assignments first, you’ll ensure that they get done on time. If you do your assignments first you’ll have time to do the things you want to later in the night, like sleep.

5. If you are having trouble getting your homework done, try finding a peaceful place to work. Sometimes an all nighter is brought on because you can’t concentrate during the day.

6. Avoid studying in front of the TV. If you study in front of the TV, you’ll constantly be looking up to watch your favourite shows. — Agencies