Draped in style

KATHMANDU: Everyone is trying to make a difference. And who does not want to

be successful? Kavita Agarwal is no exception. At a point when boutiques are mushrooming all over Kathmandu and every second person dreams of becoming a fashion designer, it is hard to make a niche for oneself.

Agarwal had opened a boutique — Pahiran — a year ago at Baber Mahal Revisited. And in a year’s time she made a commendable effort in giving the Nepali fashion industry a different touch.

While other designers were running after common materials, Agarwal went a step ahead and introduced a rare Nepali hand woven material that is extracted from nettle. It has been a long hard year of work for Agarwal. And so to celebrate the first anniversary of her boutique, she threw an intimate bash for the fashionable people her and have a look at some of her amazing designs in nettle.

Agarwal showcased some awesome saris, which she prefers to call “phariya” giving it a different look altogether. She has also done some amazing work with old saris, restoring their traditional designs and giving them a new look. Jewellry, sandals and bags are the other attractions.