Drawbacks of the cyber world

While walking back home from school I always see some children hovering around computers in cyber cafes. It is actually a time for them to relax after a whole day’s tiring work. Recreation activities should make our mind free from tension and worries. When one is playing games in computer every moment s/he thinks about playing and winning games in the computer but they cannot show their creative side. Free time after school should be devoted to physical games so that physical as well as mental growth takes place together. When we play such games winning games adds to our confidence and even losing teaches us the spirit of sportsmanship.

Children should always be shown the right path by the elders at school or at home. In the case of cyber cafes the owners should be able to think above their profit level. They should not allow children below the age of twelve to play games in the computer. Even parents should do the same. Some children are found watching vulgar websites,

which may deviate their mind towards the wrong direction. It is now time for people who are concerned about children to work together and make a difference.