Durbar Marg street fest tomorrow


It’s not just Jazz that’s happening in the Capital. For Kathmanduites are gearing up for yet another festival — Kathmandu Street Festival at Durbar Marg Area on October 14.

The festival comes with more excitement as not only will Kathmanduites see the traffic around the area come to a complete halt, but the extravagant panoply that brings back memories of the festival organised six years ago.

The festival will feature popular singers like Dev Rana and Band, Rija Upreti, Satiz, Rajan/Ishaan, DA69, Nirnaya, Ciney Gurung, Mingma Sherpa, Suman, The Cloudwalkers, Sanjeev Pradhan and Deepak Bajracharya.

Apart from the musical extravaganza, the restaurants and shops around Durbar Marg will have outlets extending out onto the streets, wooing every passerby with yummies and special discounts. A special children’s corner will have loads of fun games for the children of all ages.

Chairman of the Durbar Marg Development Board, Gopal Kakhshyapati speaking to this daily said, “The proceeds from the event will be used for the maintenance of the Durbar Marg area.”

Garden of Dreams Field Marshall Kaiser SJB Rana’s Garden of Dreams has been flung open to the public, and a fortnight of celebrations and festivities has been planned which will culminate in a festival of lights on October 21.

A number of classical and jazz programmes have already been held as part of the festivities, while more are coming up in the days to come.

October 14 will see Japanese Day being observed in the Garden. The programme begins at 10:00 am and tickets are priced at Rs 500. The highlights of the day are display of

ikebana (flower arrangement) and bonsai, Japanese ritual dolls, Kendo (martial arts), Japanese tea ceremony and Kimono show followed by a musical concert.

October 15 has been set aside as Children’s Day at the Garden and will begin from 12 noon. (For details contact 4425340)

More screenings Kiran Shrestha’s second documentary Sa Karnali... has had a successful opening week. And for all those of you who missed watching it this week, here’s a chance for you to book a ticket and watch the magnificience of Dolpa at one of the best theatres in the Capital.

The documentary that traces the making of the music video of Nepathya’s number Sa Karnali starring Bhusan Dahal, Thinle and Amrit Gurung will be screened for a few more days at Kumari Cinema in the evenings (at 6:30 pm). (For details, contact 4442220)