Eagles’ Henley gets away with calling Bush chimp

LONDON: Don Henley, lead singer of the rock group The Eagles, is surprised that he has been allowed to openly criticise US President George Bush whereas others have been attacked for their negative comments.

Contactmusic.com reports that Henley compared Bush to a chimpanzee and has been spared but other artists like The Dixie Chicks were slammed when they said they were ashamed to hail from Bush’s home state of Texas.

He said, “Where other people might not be able to get away with it — like our friends the Dixie Chicks, bless their hearts — we get away with it. I’ve said some outrageous things about Bush in the press. Every time I do an interview and they ask me who I would like for President this time I say, ‘Any of the front-runners would be fine with me, because frankly a f**king chimpanzee would be an improvement.’ I’ve said that numerous times in the press and nothing has come of it.”