Eat, drink and be merry

Drink it up

KATHMANDU: Given that drinks are an inseparable part of food, Dabur Real Juice will be bringing you irresistible cocktails and mocktails (non-alcoholic) at THT food fest prepared from a blend of a wide variety of fruit juices. Usually a wide variety of cocktails is not tried due to the unavailability of juices depending on seasons and the inconsistent taste at various points of time. Well, at this fest people will get to taste almost all of varieties of cocktails and mocktails made from Real juice. Priced at Rs 100, Real cocktails and mocktails are juice and liquor blends offering not only the richness of taste, but also good value for money, health benefits associated with the fruit juices.

Some of the blends on offer are:


Guavala: Vodka + Real Guava Juice + Triple Sec

Angel: Vodka + Real Litchi Nectar + Triple Sec

Purple Rain: Vodka + Real Grape Juice + Real Pineapple Juice

Orange Blossom: Gin + Real Orange Juice

Sex on the Beach: Gin + Real Cranberry Nectar + Peach Schnapps

Bloody Mary: Vodka + Real Tomato Juice + Worcester sauce

Mango Martini: Gin + Real Mango Juice + Lemon Juice

Bronz: Gin + Real Orange Juice + Dry Vermouth

Hawaiian: Gin + Real Pineapple Juice + Curacoa Blue


Cinderella: Real Pineapple Juice + Real Orange Juice + Sugar Syrup

Pussy foot: Real Mango Juice + Egg White + Sugar Syrup

Virgin Mary: Real Tomato Juice + Worcester sauce + Lime Juice