Kids’ view of life around

KATHMANDU: An ‘Art Sharing Day’ was organised at the Spiny Babbler on February 9. The programme included a joint painting exhibition of around 50 children and a video presentation of the paintings and activities done during the 18-day winter camp organised for four to fourteen years old students by Spiny Babbler.

Parents/guardians were seen happy to witness the work of their offsprings and interacting with the instructors. Indeed they had reasons to be happy, for some of the works displayed sharp minds at work. Some of the paintings showed how the children’s perception of the same thing varied to those of the adults. Few paintings brought to the fore that adults are doing them injustice by forcing them to view things ‘the one proper adult way’. For Yash Poddar, a six-year-old, the five-storied Nyatapola Temple is not pine shaped, but cone shaped. Similarly, for Nandita Rana, Swayambhu is very colourful. Blue, green and orange were dominant hues in most paintings. There were also a number of paintings of different flowers. — HNS

Pathshala marks Saraswati

KATHMANDU: On the occasion of Saraswati puja, Pathshala Nepal Foundation organised the Pathshala Saanjh on February 11. The chief guest for the programme was Maya Thakuri. Starting off with young children of Class I singing and dancing, the programme progressed with various grades showcasing their singing and dancing talents from popular children’s songs to folk songs. A play was also performed by the students along with the actors from the theatre group Shilpee. — HNS