Eesha  Source: Agencies

Eesha Source: Agencies

MUMBAI: The bridal glow on her face is already visible. And Eesha Koppikhar, who is shipshape, makes no attempts to camouflage her ecstasy.
The actress is marrying the sought-after restaurateur Timmy Narang on November 29, in what will be a traditional Mangalorean-style wedding followed by a reception at the Narang House.

“Timmy is in Bangkok for his bachelor’s party,” says Eesha . “He actually had some business there... and he decided to combine it with his bachelor’s party. So he and his group of boys flew to Thailand a few days ago.”
Eesha herself is in huge demand with her relatives who have been inviting her for a round of pre-wedding lunches and dinners. “I’m excited about the wedding,” she confesses. As if on cue, her beau calls and excusing herself for some private conversation with Timmy, Eesha returns to add, “I have three films Hello Darling, Right Ya Wrong and Shabari coming back-to-back in 2010, but I decided to marry because both Timmy and I want this more than anything else.”

The actress says that the pundits came up with November 26 as the auspicious date... but she couldn’t get herself to agree because 26/11 is a black day in Mumbai’s history. “So we froze on November 29 instead,” she says. Three prominent designers are making her wedding trousseau and bridal outfits. However, she is not at liberty to discuss any of that at the moment.

“I’m fortunate that Timmy is broadminded. He has no issues about me continuing with my acting assignments... and though he knows precious little about films, he is my support system,” she says.

Eesha is currently hosting a television show on fitness. And it is fitness that drew Timmy and her together. “And, of course, our love and mutual respect for one another made us want to seal our relationship with marriage. I also want to have kids and I decided to marry now because I want my kids to grow up and be friends with me when I can still enjoy raising a family,” says Eesha.

The honeymoon will be on the beaches of California or on the Gold Coast but Eesha wants many aspects of her marriage and honeymoon kept under wraps. “Both Timmy and I want a quiet but traditional wedding,” she says. However, since the Narangs are a big business family, and Eesha herself has many friends in Bollywood, both of them agreed on having a reception for their well-wishers at the Narang House in Mumbai.