Emily Blunt's relaxing music

LOS ANGELES: Emily Blunt plans to take up playing the cello again to help her relax.

Emily Blunt wants to use the cello to escape the pressures of fame.

The British actress - who won numerous awards for her role in last year's period drama 'The Young Victoria' - wants to reignite her passion for the musical instrument to help her learn to relax and switch off from work.

She told Stylist magazine: "I want to learn to play the cello again. I played for ten years and used to be really good but then I discovered a social life and gave it up. It's so sad and I'm angry with myself because, when I pick it up now, I'm rubbish. This time I'm going to get a teacher and just do it."

The 27-year-old star also said she hopes to spend more time relaxing at home this year with her fiance, actor John Krasinski.

She said: "I like to go on hikes, walk the dog, read, cook - I'm trying to cook something different every day."