Eminem and Carey in spat

New York:

The rapper, Eminem and singer Mariah Carey, are squabbling over the fact that Eminem is publicly playing private voice-mail messages that Carey had apparently left for him back in 2001.

During one scene in his concert, Eminem is talking to his audience when Carey’s song “We belong together” comes on. Eminem then scolds the deejay and then Carey’s message starts to play where she says, “I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife.” “Why won’t you see me? Why won’t you call me? You’re not calling me...” As the message plays Eminem pretends to vomit into a toilet and then launches into his song “Puke” with the line, “You make me sick.” Eminem is apparently upset because he claims they had an affair, which Carey denies.