Enchanting evening with 1974 AD


The ambience of the Patan museum courtyard giving the mystic feel, the cool breeze of the evening filled with the fragrance of spring flowers, the dimly lit surrounding and the soulful music was just so romantic. Perfect perhaps is the word to describe the reunion gig of 1974 AD on March 22. As Bhusan Dahal said introducing the band, “Music is just like democracy it means different things to different people.” Listening to the all time favourite band performing some of their best compositions under the full moon one could not help but get engrossed in the music.

With most of us who grew up listening to their music it was a treat to hear all of them together again performing after a break. It was possible to organise the show as all the band members including Sanjay Shrestha and Manose Singh who are in town came together after a gap. To give a flavour of the music they have made in last 14 years they had organised the unplugged session. With all the who’s who of the town along with the music lovers present at the venue it of course was an event to remember. Starting with the song Maanis the surrounding was filled with acoustic melodies and soulful sound of the flute. The crowd cheered the musicians and sang along songs like Samjhi baschu, Madhumasta, Parelima, Chyangba and many more. The band was also successful in keeping the ambience informal and fun filled with their humour and quips. Sharing their experience with each song they kept all interested throughout the show. Though the power cut during the show made them stop for a while but the enthusiasm of the crowd was so high that everyone supported the band and welcomed the halt with a huge round of applause. It was Timi lai pirati le badhaula that made many clap and move along with the music. Being a folk based rock band their songs with Nepali beats of madal was successful to make the crowd dance.