Enthralling maestro


Even before the maestro appeared on stage, the auditorium of the Rastriya Sabha Griha rang incessantly with thundering applauses on July 8.

And one wondered if the audience was too impatient to praise or the artiste indeed deserved the attention.

Amidst the unending rounds of applause, finally after what seemed like elongated hours of anticipation, the maestro modestly climbed up the podium with an entourage to accompany him on tabla, sitar and other classical musical instruments.

And the applause was all the more deafening as Guru Kamat sat along with his entourage to drift into the spiritual bliss of music taking his audience along. Though, it was a voyage unfamiliar to many, the treat was delightful with the tang of blissful melodies and the essence that inspired awe.

The riffs were at the same time agonising and brimming with indomitable optimism. What with Guru’s mastery over the vocals, you’d only wonder if the ovation wasn’t a tad half-hearted for an artiste who deserved much more.