Entre Nous delivers a laugh riot

Himalayan News Service


Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza presented ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ a supper theatre in association with The Himalayan Times on January 18. Managed by Entre Nous, the play was indeed a laugh riot. No

wonder it completes a year on this January 26.

Directed, produced and adapted by Sandiip Sikcand, the play was a hilarious comedy: original and well-presented. The script, lighting, sound and dialogue delivery were fantastic as was the acting. The story is a well-outlined Punjabi chaotic mess that slowly unravels with the confusion.

Abhi, the bridegroom wakes up to find a strange girl in the honeymoon suite the very day of his marriage. His fiancée is expected any moment and he does not remember much about his stag party because he was so drunk. The strange girl does not help much by saying anything. She just goes into the bathroom and refuses to come out. Abhi’s best friend Sameer arrives on the scene and is forced to act the martyr when Ayesha, the bride-to-be arrives. One thing leads to another, and creates an even bigger mess when the housekeeper gets involved.

The bride is probably the only one trying to keep sane but that is because she is left ignorant. Then her mother enters, chirping all possible Bollywood songs while the bride’s father is apparently creating chaos in the hotel. Finally, after much humour, the whole mess is sorted out. And as they say, all’s well that ends well.

The comedy was well worth the while and the play well carried out. The stage set up was commendable and the team of actors were the finest. Nisha, who acted as the housekeeper, gave a fantastic performance. Shivani Tanksale (Ayesha, the bride-to-be) was another actress who was good. An evening to be remembered with a smile, the audience sure loved it. Look forward to the next one!