The result of prevarication:

Our life is dynamic and constantly in flux. We want the best outcome from anything that we do. Sometimes we don’t flinch about prevaricating without knowing the result it will have in the future. Sometimes we lie to our teachers and sometimes we make our parents the fool. As the saying goes “truth can never be bent.” While hiding truth, our entire lives turn towards darkness and uncertainty. We are losing our potential. We should understand that we haven’t lived even half of our life. We haven’t seen the world and all it’s beauty makes happier the man who always speaks truth. So never prevaricate, as the result will be disastrous. Try to be truthful, smart and honest so that your life becomes dazzling and bright. — Paras Bikram Shahi, Class X, Mount Glory English Boarding School


Repentance is not a question of asking forgiveness from somebody- no not at all. The word originally meant ‘return’. Repent means to return to your source, go back to your original being. Drop your mask and stand before God in your original face – the way He wanted you to be. Let that be your only being. Return to the original source and come back to your deepest core of being. In other words, to be religious. To be religious you must understand that the phrase “ Empty handed you had come and empty handed you will go” and that’s what the Hindus call Maya. It means something appears to be yours but is not. It is not the world that is going to die but it is us who will die. We have come as a great guest in this world so lets behave as a guest. This is how we switch on another world – religion. — Kriti Raj Pandey, Class X, The Elite’s Co-Ed School