Exercise to music


People may not take exercising as something that is fun to do as well. For many exercising could mean sweating it out. But if sweating it out could be fun, wouldn’t you want to try it out?

Aerobics promises you just this and much more. You exercise while dancing to music beats. While supplying more oxygen to the body through movements of all the body parts, it also provides a fun-filled atmosphere to work out in.

Aerobics starts with slow movements that gradually gather momentum to end finally at normal rhythm, involving a process of muscle training and cooling. It differs from gym in that aerobics employs all the body muscles.

“Dancing to various tunes with others is real fun. You get motivation, energy and enthusiasm. All of us become friends,” says Hisako Utsugi, a Japanese aerobics instructor at the Hardic Fitness Centre.

According to experts, you can burn around 150-200 calories in an hour of aerobics.

“So you should eat more nutritious fruits while on aerobics as long time heat in the body hits hard on your body Vitamin level,” says Utsugi.

Apart from reducing weight, aerobics is also noted for it efficacy in muscle toning, enhancing cardio circulation, strengthening muscles, busting stress, and providing more body flexibility.

In Nepal, aerobics is more popular amon the girls and housewives.

“Girls want a good figure. However, there is need for the middle-aged people, especially in the cities, to start aerobics as they are more likely to have a weak heart, flabby stomach, and leading highly stressful life. Even old people can enjoy aerobics by doing low-impact exercises and easy dances,” recomments Utsugi.

“Aerobics has seen a rising popularity in recent years which make one quite optimistic. When the exercise was in its incipient stage in Kathmandu, it was mostly the Japanese folks here who came for it. But now it is mostly the local people,” says Utsugi.