Exploring rights and development

Name: Human Rights

And Development

Author: Bishal Khanal

Price: Rs 550; library copy

Rs 800

Kathmandu :

Legal expert Bishal Khanal’s book Human rights and development has come out at such a time when the country’s development and human rights situation are at its worst.

The book clearly underlines the role of different stakeholders in the country to boost the rights situation. Khanal has analysed the principles of democratic standard and values and the rights of the people and has pointed out that such principles should kept in the mind while making endeavours to protect the rights even when carrying out developmental works. The book states that in the recent years the United Nations Development System has been involved in considering human rights values principles and standards in their programming at the country level. The author has also critically evaluated the rights of the vulnerable groups — women, children, minorities and HIV/AIDS-affected — and analysed the impact in development endeavours.

Khanal, who was a district court judge and is now the director at the National Judicial Academy, opines that law reform initiatives are underway together with the development of global human rights system, and that the global legal order has been in the process of developing

jurisprudence of human

justice. He states that human rights are not just a creation of national enactment

but is a subject worthy of universal recognition.

The book can be useful to rights activists and development workers.