Face of the youth

KATHMANDU: At a time when everyone else seems to be looking for greener pastures, a bunch of rookie reporters have set on a mission of their own. If it’s only too premature to predict their success, it indeed is an indication that eventually youngsters are aware of their responsibilities. Youth Media Pvt Ltd, comprising youngsters, all in their early twenties, has launched the first edition of their youth magazine. Assistant minister for education and sports, Bhuwan Pathak, launched the youth magazine In your face on February 4. Pathak said, “I wish that the spirited team will be able to incorporate a healthy dose of information and entertainment, that I believe will help in spreading awareness among the youngsters of the nation”.

Pathak added it was an exemplary effort to enlighten the masses about the value of youth initiative. “It should set an example that youngsters are capable of creating their own opportunities rather than searching for it elsewhere,” said Pathak.

In Your Face is a youth magazine, which is directed not only at offering entertainment and education, but also focusing the attention of the youth on the social issues which have received little or no notice, so far.