Failure, a stepping stone to success

The dictionary defines failure as lack of success. I recently have failed my exams and that has been the greatest disappointment. Failure has not at all made me feel weak but has boosted up my self-confidence and has made me realise that I need to put on more effort and determination in my studies.

My parents have sacrificed all their needs to further my studies. The sacrifice made by my parents makes me ashamed, as I am not able to give them anything in return. Only a few children cannot live up to his/her parent’s expectations, and I think I am one of them. They try to give me the best in my life but their advice about my improvement is always in vain. I think I can never give them what they want. I have failed for the first time in life and that has very strangely given birth to a new hope.

I know I lack self-confidence and now I am trying to overcome it. I am trying to show the inner me. I will let people know who I really am. To be strong I need self confidence, hard work, hope and of course a patient heart. I know I will work hard to do my best.

I start weeping, thinking about my past and my future. But the past is gone, the future hasn’t arrived and so I live in present. Though we try to live in present our past still strikes us. Each and everything in my life aims for the future I can still find my past in my heart and memory. Its not right to blame God but he also plays a small role in our failure.

Everything that we do is done by the approval of God, but blaming God for our failure is not the best way. Blaming is the excuse you are giving for your failure. If you have failed, you should just accept it and move on. God has given us everything and its up to us to utilise these gifts. My failure had made me realise all the other requirements that I need for success. I may or may not succeed in life. All I know is that I live in this world, which includes my parents who say “You can and you will!”