Fake-up tips for Paris


Female inmates in Florida have some interesting grooming advice for Paris Hilton — when it comes to behind-bars beauty, a pack of Skittles, Crystal Light and instant coffee can go a long way if you want to feel pretty in prison.

They even have a name for this improvised, MacGyver-style makeup: “fake-up.’’

“You know, she just always has her makeup and hair done, all the necessities, like facials and spas,” Charlotte County Jail inmate Traci Mace told the Charlotte Sun newspaper this weekend, predicting that Hilton “wouldn’t survive in here at all.”

“We get some hair grease stuff and put it on our lips,” Mace said. “The ink pens that I have, we use as the eyeliner. This is coffee, the eye shadow,” she said as she pointed to the light shade of brown above her eye. “We use the glitter from cards, so thank goodness people send cards with glitter on them.”

“Vaseline for my lips and a little bit of coffee and Crystal Light mixed, so it’s neutral,” an unidentified inmate told the paper.

Veronica Posey, another inmate, told the paper she used the powdered diet drink mix liberally. “The lips are Crystal Light and the blush is Crystal Light,” Posey said. “Basically just being here for so long you’ll find a way to look pretty.”

The newspaper reported that many of the makeshift beauty products could be purchased from the jail’s commissary.

Guards acknowledged they stopped it when they saw it, but that “fake-up” is to some degree a part of the prison culture. — Agencies

Agency drops her

LOS ANGELES: Paris Hilton has yet another problem when she gets out of jail — her talent agency dropped her.

While she serves out a 45-day-sentence in a California jail, the Endeaver Talent Agency broke off its contract without citing a reason, according to People magazine on line, which quoted spokesman Michael Donkis. The agency represented her since 2005, and managed her contract for her reality TV show, The Simple Life.

It was the second blow to her career this month. Just two days before she entered jail, her record company Warner Bros dropped her like a hot potato. — DPA