Fey invites Goldberg back onto 30 Rock

HOLLYWOOD: Comedienne Tina Fey cornered Whoopi Goldberg on U.S. TV on Thursday (15Oct09) to entice her back onto hit comedy 30 ROCK.

Fey made an appearance on The View, the talk show the Ghost star co-hosts, and presented the idea to a surprised Goldberg.

The Oscar winner previously made a cameo on 30 Rock in 2007, and Fey is so keen to have her return to the programme, she's already written the script for Goldberg's next guest spot.

Fey said, "Who we're hoping to get back on the show this year is Whoopi. There's a spot for you if you wanna come back? I'm putting the pressure on you on live TV!

"There's an episode coming up where (main character) Tracy (Morgan) wants to win an EGOT, which is an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony (award) and Whoopi has done that in real life so he's seeking your advice in how to do that."

Goldberg, who was taken aback by the offer, admitted she'd welcome negotiations, responding, "Well, let's make some time and talk."

Goldberg is one of only 10 Hollywood stars who have achieved all four top accolades throughout their career - others include Audrey Hepburn, Mel Brooks and John Gielgud.