Fighting stains

KATHMANDU: Woollen clothes keep you warm in the chilly winter days but unfortunately these clothes are not resistant to stains. Especially for mothers removing stains are a major concern as their children just love to colour what they are wearing with all types of stains one can imagine. As for the adults the onset of wedding season means that one is more likely to spill some curries or wine on their coats or shawls. Just to make things easier for you here are a few tips that can help you fight those irritating stains from your woollen garments.

Stain removal tips

Alcohol or Food: Place towel under area. Gently rub carbonated water toward centre of the spot over stain.

Glue: Sponge with alcohol.

Ink: Immerse in cold water.

Iodine: Treat with cool water followed by alcohol.

Blood: Blot with common starch paste and rinse from back with soapy water.

Iron Rust: Sponge with weak solution of oxalic acid until stain disappears. Then sponge carefully with household ammonia and rinse with cold water.

Burning Cigarette: Brush off ash butter and grease Sponge with dry cleaning solvent.

Chewing Gum: Scrape and sponge with dry cleaning solvent.

Lipstick: May often be erased by rubbing white bread over area with a firm gentle motion.

Chocolate: Sponge with soapy cold water.

Coffee or Tea: Sponge with glycerine. If not available, use warm water.

Mud: Once dry, brush and sponge from back with soapy cold water.

Egg: Scrape and sponge with soapy cold water.

Tar, Road Oil: Sponge with dry cleaning solvent or degreaser.

Red wine: Immerse in cold water.