Films that Douglas kids can see

WASHINGTON: Hollywood legend Michael Douglas has debarred his young children from watching his movies because they’re too erotic. The actor and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones make sure Dylan, 3, and Carys, 10 months, don’t see films such as ‘Fatal Attraction’, ‘Disclosure’ and ‘Basic Instinct’, in which their famous father strips off and has sex, reports

Douglas says, “I think Catherine was happy about Dylan seeing ‘Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas’. Personally I don’t think I’ve had a picture that any of my kids could see. They’ve all been pretty much R-rated for a long time.”

Well, the children can now see both parents in a movie if all goes well. It seems that Douglas and Zeta-Jones are very keen to star opposite each other in their next film even if it is not a blockbuster.

According to TeenHollywood, Douglas and Zeta Jones who starred together in ‘Traffic’ in 2000 and want to repeat the experience once again.

Douglas said, “I’d probably look to do a picture with Catherine next. The general consensus from the studios is that couples in films are not that interesting. So we’ll try to find a picture that we’ll do some time in the future, simply for the enjoyment of working together. We’ve got ideas, but we haven’t made any definite decisions.”

“One idea is a remake of the 1950s musical ‘Guys and Dolls’ (which Douglas’ literary company already owns the rights to). It would certainly be an exciting project and I know musical comedy is one of Catherine’s loves.”

The Welsh beauty would be at ease in the film about a gambler who falls in love with a Christian missionary. Douglas, however, has admitted that the all-singing, all-dancing role may not be a cakewalk for him.