Five contenders grapple for the crown


Durga Kharel’s departure from the race of the Samsung Nepali Tara on Saturday has left the contest with five evenly talented contestants. Kharel presented an almost flawless rendition but was voted out. Aloke Shree commented, “I will definitely opt for Durga if I have to choose from female singers for my music in future.”

Dipak Limbu, Dharmendra Sewan, Rupak Dotel, Bhabin Dhungana and Indira Joshi are the survivors who will be vying for the title in the next episode. As many as 7,00,000 votes from the public were received last week compared to 2,89,000 the previous week. As public vote counts for 50 per cent, it has hugely affected selection of deserving contestants.

Each contestant has the knack of singing a particular musical genre. Even the judges find it difficult to differentiate between them while giving their verdict.