Flipper facts

Dolphins regularly help fishermen in Brazil and other places by herding fish into their nets.

• They often work as a team to catch fish — they first herd a school of fish into a tight group, then circle the fish to keep them corralled. Each dolphin takes a turn swimming into the middle to feed.

• Dolphins almost always turn the fish around and swallow it headfirst and whole.

• Using their sonar, dolphins can tell the size, shape, speed, and direction of their prey very quickly.

• As young dolphins can quickly swim away and get lost or attacked by sharks, their mothers keep a close eye on them all the time.

• Other female dolphins serve as ‘aunties’ to help protect the babies from danger and form ‘playpens’ around their young by swimming in a circle.

• The Ganges (Ganga) river dolphin, is nearly blind and uses its long snout to probe for food along the river bottom.