Flowing aesthetic link

Kathmandu: Art knows no borders and when artists come together creativity flourishes.

The art exhibition titled Water and Art which, opened on March 14 at Yala Maya Kendra showcases the works of artist from three different countries-Nepal, Bangladesh and France.

The creations being exhibited are the outcome of a two-day long workshop that was held at the Yala Maya Kendra on March 11 and 12. A group of painters from Bangladesh called Triangle Bangladesh have been organising such events in different countries with an aim to form an aesthetic bond among the artists of various countries. Presently, in Nepal the group organised this ‘art camp’ to provide a platform for artists of these two countries to share and showcase their artistic sensibilities.

Most of the artists have presented water in various formats. Kailash Shreshta’s canvas shows plain twigs submerged in flood water where just the their tip is visible while French artist Sonia Josserand-Mercier has created a collage showing the deteriorating condition of rivers in Nepal.

Artists Krishna Thing and Sunita Rana have opted more for symbolism, while Thing’s painting is more of a colourful whirlwind Rana has created a cloudy look. A look at Rana’s canvas and one feels that a storm is approaching the landscape.

Bangladeshi artist Xenon Jasim Uddin has titled his collection Broken image of sea and in one of his paintings one can see inhabitants of sea like star fish, sea shells flying like leaves during a storm.

Other artists of the exhibition are Sudharshan B Rana, Erina Tamrakar, Chandra Shrestha, Bidhata KC , Syed Zahid Iqbal, Mustafa Jamil Akbar, Fahamida Akhter Kakoli and Kiran Manandhar.

The exhibition is on till March 18.