fly safe

When children are busy flying kites on rooftops or running after a ‘cut’ kite with eyes in the sky, accidents occur time and again. Here are some tips to follow to keep such bad experiences at bay.

• Avoid flying kites near power lines: Carbon spars used in most sport kites are good conductors, and are very dangerous if caught in power lines.

• Never try to free a kite caught in a power line.

• Never fly in a storm or rainy weather.

• Never fly near trees.

• Never fly your kite near, around or above people.

• Try to wear gloves when flying large kites. Winds can change direction and intensity very quickly causing serious burns and or cuts on your hands or arms.

• And don’t leave your kite lines unattended while staked out or when they are lying on the ground. People can and do trip over kite lines all the time.

• Never over power

yourself with a kite

too large.