Focus on Bagmati

KATHMANDU: The eighth Bagmati River Festival 2008 was organised on August 30 with different programmes being held as part of the fest.

The programme started at around 8:00 am with around 150 participants taking part in a cycle rally, and some preferred to run from Jal Vinayak, Chovar to Teku Dovan. Some students and volunteers who had gathered at Tripureshwore were seen rafting in the Bagmati river. They also gathered at Teku Dovan, where everyone was taken around for a Heritage Walk.

According to Megh Ale, founder president of Nepal River Conservation Trust, this festival is organised with the intention that everyone should come and participate, take the initiative, contribute to improve the condition of Bagmati.

Music is used not only to entertain but also to express, inspire and bring about revolution. Similarly the Bagmati festival also had a musical programme with noted bands performing their popular numbers. Bands like Robin and the New Revolution, The Axe, Abhaya and the Steam Injuns and Om Bajra performed for the crowd gathered. “This is where we live and we have to do something for society. We will continue to generate awareness but it’s up to policy makers to come up with concrete plans,” said Robin Tamang when asked about his involvement in the event.

Similarly Abhaya Subba said, “Just don’t say save Bagmati. It’s time to actually do something. Personally I am not being able to get involved in cleaning it, but I am trying to spread

awareness.” The crowd enjoyed the rocking numbers and when the artistes requested them to get involved in conserving Bagmati, the crowd agreed to do so in every possible way. — HNS