For a better tomorrow


One of my teachers in high school had told me to do any thing to pass the exam. He advised me to ‘cheat’ literally, as he had always seen others judged by their degree. He said, “It won’t be written on your score sheet how you passed or how intelligent you actually are it’s just the marks that matters. More marks you acquire the more you are esteemed. Do like Romans while you are in Rome.” I was surprised at his advice but soon realised it was the bitter feelings that has spilled out. It’s the true picture of our education system today. There are many students in our country who get affiliated to some colleges or schools just to receive

a degree. They just study a month or two before appearing the exam. Then by hook or crook they pass the examination. The educational system we have adopted in Nepal is such that we can never expect the intelligent students to do better in life. The evaluation system of our country is to be blamed at the first place. Exam is meant to find out how much a student has learnt and to find out whether the student has met the objectives set for the session but then it turns out to be the opposite. A student is always seeking the easy way to go through exams. They give exams just for the sake of it. There is no hard work involved in it. When the score sheet comes out the student who had worked hard throughout the year and the student who cheat get similar scores or even better. Miscalculation is a familiar alibi. Students who never have appeared the exam or have dropped the exam have passed and those who have appeared the exams and have done well have their marks misplaced or even lost. The exam centers, too, are not well equipped with basic facilities required to conduct an exam. In some centers there are no proper drinking water supply. Some have dark rooms and rooms without proper ventilation. It is a well-known fact that well managed and proper ventilated room with other facilities encourages students to perform better in their paper. Sad but true these are not taken care of in Nepal. I guess we can still hope for better future because we are the one to work out for the advancement of the educational system in our country. Education authority should correct the way they evaluate a student to bring out the best from them. Education can only gain its true value when all its accessory parts are taken into consideration. Education at its best can always serve its purpose. Instead of blaming one another it would be better if we look through ourselves. So, let’s get it started today!