Fox apologises to Simpson for TV skit

HOLLYWOOD: Bosses at a US TV network have apologised to Jessica Simpson after broadcasting a cartoon mocking the star's weight.

The Dukes of Hazzard actress was ridiculed by animated versions of the Dallas Cowboys - her ex-boyfriend Tony Romo's football team - during Fox's NFL Sunday skit.

In the clip, running back Marion Barber says, "Man, I still can't believe Tony dated Jessica Simpson, even after she blew up bigger than (teammate) Flozell Adams!", to which player Jason Witten responds: "Unlike Tony, at least Jessica comes up big when it counts!"

Their coach Wade Phillips then quips, "Say Tony, is Jessica around? We could use a defensive tackle!"

TV heads have now apologised to Simpson, who was subjected to media criticism for her rounder figure earlier this year.

A statement released by a Fox representative reads, "Upon reflection, our poor attempt at humour was insensitive and we deeply apologise to anyone who might have been offended."