Gadget cures stammerer

A woman who has had a stammer since she was three has told how an electronic gadget helped her cure the problem. Heidi King, 25, stopped stammering after wearing a gadget that fits in her ear and echoes her voice. Listening to the voice in her ear unblocks Heidi’s speech problem and she says she feels like a new person. About one in 20 kids have a stammer at some point, but 80 per cent of them stop doing it before it gets too bad. The gadget, which costs more than £5,000, comes from America. It won’t necessarily help every sufferer, but it has helped Heidi. “I don’t feel like Heidi because I am not stammering,” she said. “I am

listening to a little man in my ear. I am just not struggling as much. It is just so strange to speak without stammering.”