Garden made up of dreams


Your chance to step into that area of the old world which was set aside for royalty is here. Garden of Dreams will be opening its gates wide open to all and sundry from October 8.

With a packed two-week schedule of various cultural acts that stretches till Tihar and the best known names in the field of music and theatre coming together, the gala opening of the Garden will sure make it a dream come true for many. Catering not only to the finer aspects of life, the celebrations will see the best of the food laid out for you with many of our top restaurants and hotels chipping in to take care of the food court.

The garden was built by Kaiser SJB Rana in the 1920’s as his personal dream. With lack of care it fell to ruins for over 30 years, however, it remains the most splendid and ingeniously designed gardens of its era and a cultural heritage landmark of Kathmandu.

The million-dollar project funded by the Austrian government in cooperation with the Ministry of Education is being executed through Eco Himal.

Though the garden is half its original size, three of its grand neo-classical pavilions, central lotus pond and most of the the other architectural and sculptural elements have survived.

Come October 8 you’ll be able to walk from the cacophony of Kathmandu’s traffic into a tranquil place dreamt by Rana so many years ago.